Cocoon London is a specialty cosmetics company that aims to create high-performance, customer focused skin care products. 

The company aims to create products that are safe and healthy, using a combination of natural and active ingredients.

Cocoon London’s mission is to establish itself as a brand that represents quality, innovation and value in the skin care industry. This will be achieved by providing customers with true customer focused skin care products of exceptional quality that help to leave skin healthy, protected from UV radiation and looking radiant while feeling soft and silky smooth.

What we are passionate about:

  • Sustainability and sustainable packaging for increased life cycle
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Ingredients that carry proven scientific claims
  • Essential oils and plant extracts
  • Responsible sourcing of ingredients
  • Low concentrations of only the best broad spectrum preservatives
  • UV protection and combating skin cancer risks

Passionate about your skin’s wellbeing!

Cocoon London was created solely for the purpose of creating the very best skincare products!  Founded by Louise and Tinashe with the idea that saftey, high performance natural ingredients, animal walfare, social & environmental responsibility and honesty should always be at the forefront of every product we make. Your absolute approval in what we do is the only thing we seek, value and cherish.

Cocoon London is committed to creating premium quality cosmetics with innovative ideas designed to protect the skin from environmental elements and to help people gain confidence and live a better, more healthy and enjoyable life. A passion for creating the cosmetics of the future will be the driving force behind what will make the brand successful.

Honesty, fairness, good moral values and consideration for the environment. In addition to these principles Cocoon London is committed to helping raise awareness about the harmful ways in which commercial silk is made, in particular the suffering of the silkworms and also the pollution caused by these processes as a result of the waste products generated. We also plan to establish a charity in the future to address these and many other issues.

Safe Ingredients;

Your safety is our number one priority and that it why you will not find any carcinogens and or endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are known to increase the risk of breast cancer.  That means we will never use parabens or any other similar preservatives.  We will not use “fragrance” in our products as they are known to contain hormone-disrupting phthalates.  We will never make misleading “organic” and “natural” claims. We will always be honest and tell you exactly what is in our products. A full list if ingredients we use and don’t use will be fully show on our website when we go to market.

Animal Welfare;

We never support the use of animal-derived products in cosmetics and you will not find any in our products.  I am personally very passionate about animal welfare and believe all creatures should be treated in a humane way.  Even our name Cocoon London was inspired by silk worms and cocoons.  Did you know that to make silk, silk worms have to boiled alive in order remove the silk from the cocoons?  Its truly a horrible way to die and it saddens me very much.

Social and Environmental Responsibility;

We take ethics and good moral values very seriously.  We believe it is our obligation to act to the benefit of the global society as a whole and that social responsibility is a duty every individual should undertake so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.

We really hope that you enjoy your visit here.  Thank you

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